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Terms & conditions for membership Pay-outs.

please read carefully. specific rulles must be followed in order to receive member pay-outs. Failer to advide by the terms and conditions for pay-outs will result in non- pay-outs. If you have a questions or concrern about pay-outs, please submist a contact requested form.

General Rules for all pay-outs

1. Rider must clearly display "Rider" logo (logo can be the font choosing of th rider as long as it reads "") on two sides of bike at all times. Front and back of Jersey or sides of helmets are also acceptable.


2. Cash pay-outs may be subject to taxes, cash pay-outs may be reported to the IRS if required. Cash pay-outs may be substituted for gift cards or credits.


3. Un-sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated on or off the track. Any reported un-sportsman like conduct may result in cancellation of membership and banned from Rider Buddy.


4. Member must be at least 18 years of age to accept cash pay-outs. If the rider is under the age of 18, the Parent may accept cash payments on the riders’ behalf. Parent will need to sign up as a member and resister the minor as the rider.


5. Membership must be current in order to receive any pay-outs. Free Memberships do not recieve any pay-outs.


6. No refunds will given after one of the following; 1. Member has already attended a race or event; 2. After the 28th day from membership purchase; 3. Member has received a pay-out.


7. All rider buddy videos must start with "" logo at begining of video. Perferably a video shot from logo on bike, trailer, ect. video shopped logo beginings are also acceptable. All videos must be your original video. NO copied videos or videos not made by said member will be accepted.


8. All pictures must show "" logo in picture.
 is pleased to announce the partnership with the  





program. Every time a riderbuddy member signs up for a race you will get a $10 gift card from RM ATV/MC. restrictions apply

Restrictions / Disclaimer... only one gift card will be issued per event one race sign up. if you sign up for more than one race you will still only get one $10 gift card. If the event is also offering the same "race gas" promotion you will still only get one $10 gift card.

Rocky Mountain / Riderbuddy will not sell nor use your sign up information for soliciting purposes. Your information will only be used to create and mail your gift card.


Rider buddy does not control the "Race Gas" program. Rider Buddy does not distribute the gift cards. It is at the Sole discretion of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC who is eligible and what races are eligible for gift cards. It may take several weeks to receive your gift card. Rider Buddy is not responsible for lost or non-received gft cards. If you do not receive a Gift card, please submit a contact request and we will look into it.


Race Series or event .

1. One membership will pay-out for one race class per race event. Additional classes raced per event will require additional memberships. For example, if you are going to race the over 30 class and the 450 c class at the same event and want to get paid out for both classes, then you will be required to have two Rider Buddy memberships.  You may race multiple race series or events with one membership as a long as it is only one class per event.


2. Pay-outs will be paid 1-5 business days after the end of each month.


3. Must list "Rider Buddy" as a sponsor on race entry form


4. Member shall notify Rider Buddy of each race series or events planning to attend. This is so Rider Buddy Knows to look for member final place after each event. It is also recommended that the member Notify Rider Buddy final Place after race event. 


5. AT Minimum, 5 racers total (including non-members) per class will be required for cash pay-outs.


6. Member must complete Both Moto's. A DNF or DNS may result in non-pay out.


7. Any discrepancies on placement results shall be reconciled at track at day of event. Final reported results from event promoter will govern for pay outs.





2016 Eligible Race Series & Events .

1. Top Texan series

2. Texas Winter series

3. Texas Cross Country Racing Association Series (TCCRA)

4. Texas Off Road organization Series (TORO)

5. GNC International Motocross Final

6. AMA Texas State Wide Series

7. Texas Lonestar Series

8. Texas Lonestar Night Series

9. Full Moon Series

10. Fall Classic Series

11. South Texas Winter Series





Standard Minimum Pay outs for all Race Series and Events .

Weekend Warrior Member Pay-outs (all non-pro classes).

1st Place $50

2nd Place $40

3rd Place $30



All IN! Going Pro Member Pay-outs (all pro classes)

1st Place $100

2nd Place $80

3rd Place $70

4th Place $60






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